Weed Pipes and Bongs

How to make a weed pipe

In order to make a pipe you first need to gather the right materials and equipment to get started. Glass bongs are much easier to make than traditional wood pipes and other types of plastic pipes. Although is easy to make a bong your self it also cost very heavy to get the right set up. First thing you must need before start gathering materials is a torch gun and well as a propane tank. You can purchase both items a any gas specialty stores nearby simply visit a home depot or lowes. Once the equipment is ready then you can go on and purchase the type of tubes you want height, thickness etc from the glass store.

Once the equipment and materials are gather is time for action. You start from heating the end of the glass tube in order to connect the base. Once the base is weld into the tube you will need a sharp metal object to create holes for your ice catcher. Following by attaching the mouth piece to the top and adding you joint mouth. Once the product is finish, dip it inside cold water to cool down and you have your self a brand new glass pipe.